Partner Information

NETGIGS is a completely new and innovative online platform which provides you with the opportunity to increase your revenue, increase your audience, increase your profile and increase your accessibility.

We help you to reach to an online audience across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe. This global audience has the option of watching your show on NETGIGS via a live stream, and/or as archived on-demand footage once your tour ends.

NETGIGS shows are streamed Live Online via a pay-per-view platform and ticketing revenues are then split with the venue or promoter and the artist. At the conclusion of your tour (or an otherwise agreed upon timeframe), the show footage can become available “on demand” 24/7 to all NETGIGS users creating an ongoing revenue stream from a single performance.

Our Marketing Team is constantly looking to promote new artists on the NETGIGS platform and social media, and would offer an additional avenue of cross-promotion to your tour and your band.

NETGIGS aims to provide an avenue for artists and venues to increase their revenue and exposure to new audiences. We want to allow music fans who can’t make it to a live show in person, to still have access to the amazing experience of the gig. NETGIGS also ensures that the live music industry stays relevant and at the forefront of people’s lifestyle choices in the ever-evolving technological world.

We would love to open up the conversation with you and answer any questions you have regarding NETGIGSand how we can help you to benefit from our global platform.